Featured Treatments

Dr. Mohan has been doing different type of complicated orthopedic surgery for many years.

Orthopaedic Conditions

Every human will be affected by some kind of orthopedic conditions once in a life.

Patient Education

Patient must know about the ailment he/she is having. So that, one can easily gets recovered from the ailment.

Patient Success Stories

Patient success stories are quoted in order to make more authenticity and reliability. These stories would provide an extra trust and confidence in the patients.

Joint Replacements

Joint replacement surgery is removing a damaged joint and putting in a new one.

Sports Injury

Sports injuries are injuries that occur to athletes participating in sporting events.

Trauma Management

Accidental injury is probably the most serious of all the major health problems.

Joint Injection

Joint injection is a procedure used in the treatment of inflammatory joint conditions.


Resurfacing replaces only the arthritic surface of the joint and conserves more bone than traditional joint replacement surgery.